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uovo: an interactive coffee canister



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Original concept by Mary Suttle and Kim Chen. Renderings, design research, and sketches by Mary Suttle.


Uovo is a kinetic coffee canister that honors the carefully selected coffee beans and elevates the coffee making experience.  The coffee canister involves twisting and turning, creating an interactive coffee making experience that starts at measuring the beans. The motions create a muscle memory that incorporates it into the morning coffee making ritual. 


What does your coffee say about you?

Buying coffee beans is no longer a straightforward transaction. Now more than ever, Millennials care where their coffee was grown and what special characteristics the beans have. Possessions are no longer just “things” but rather items that speak to the larger identity of their owner.

This mentality spills over into people’s views on their coffee. (Pun intended).


Coffee is the intersection of an emotional experience and a reflection of the personal identity of the person who purchased it. We wanted to create a coffee canister that created an experience that would be appreciated by Millennials’ nostalgic nature. The coffee beans tell a story and are a part of an experience, and the vessel they are stored in should be on the same level.

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Concept Development

We explored how the canister would open, and how kinetic elements could be employed to add an interactive quality to the experience of using the canister. The experience of the canister was carefully considered, because this could be one of the first objects that someone holds in their morning routine

Form Development

The 3D form exploration focused heavily on texture development, and how the forms fit in someone’s hands. It was important that the canister was easy to hold and use, because people would be handling this on an everyday basis. When creating the 3D forms, we began considering material selection for the canister.

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Final Concept

Uovo is an interactive coffee canister that stores coffee beans. It measures out the perfect amount of coffee beans, depending on how many cups of coffee you wish to make. The canister is airtight, to preserve the beans for optimal brewing. The coffee canister involves twisting and turning to create a ritual when preparing the coffee. The actions create a muscle memory that ties the user to the coffee making process. The uovo canister honors the careful consideration and thought that went into selecting your coffee. The coffee beans tell a story and are a part of an experience, and the vessel they are stored in should be on the same level.

The base of the coffee canister is twisted to line the cup measurements up with the cut out insert on the canister. The bottom of the canister is then pulled to the desired measurement, in cups of coffee. The canister is then turned upside down, and the lid swivels open to deposit the coffee beans. 

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The materials  age over time, gradually changing with use and becoming personalized to the user. The wood, ceramic, and metal were selected to age over time and add to the appreciation of coffee. 

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The movement adds a new element to the ritual of coffee making. Gone are the days of storing your coffee beans in the original bag or Tupperware container. In an instant coffee world, uovo adds appreciation to the process and appreciation to the ingredients

Mary Suttle & Kim Chen/uovo/2016